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Thursday, November 09, 2006
Still keeping pretty busy; haven't had a day off for weeks now but I think the time is coming where I might be able to ease off a little bit.

I still have 5 days of holiday left to take before the end of the year, I think the week before Christmas is looking like a good option. I have been wondering if it might be a good idea to spend those 5 days working in the other job in order to get paid twice, it's tempting but what do I need more: Cash or a rest? (probably cash).

So, last weekend I was out driving the bread lorry again. Saturday was a load of little villages around Milton Keynes/Bedford and Sunday was down to Southampton, Lymington and Poole, not fun in a truck that is limited to 56mph.

In other news; I think I have decided once and for all that I want to leave the day job and try my hand at something else. I just need a large dose of courage in order to do something about it.
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