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Sunday, April 02, 2006
I've put in a good few hours work this afternoon/evening in an attempt to get a headstart on what is already shaping up to be a stupidly busy week, I'm not sure how much use it will be, or even if I have pointed my efforts in the right direction, but the fact that I have done the groundwork on a couple of tasks is at least something less to worry about when the alarm clock sounds in the morning.

In the last half hour or so I have consumed half a bottle of Vodka, it's all part of the same preparation for Monday morning: I want to go to bed in a bit (when the washing machine has finished) and I want to be asleep as quickly as possible, I know that without some sort of chemical assistance it's not going to happen (mind is racing, etc) and Vodka is the only thing I've got to hand. Don't worry about this, it's a small bottle and it's not a habit (I usually don't drink at all).

Anyway, the reason I'm putting all this effort in right now is that I have booked next week off work and, for once, I want to spend it doing something other than working. For the last couple of years I have barely had any holiday time at all because the 'phone still rings and I can't help but check email a few times each day, this isn't the result of being a workaholic or a high flyer, it's mainly just poor preparation and a fear of delegation.

Still only halfway through the spin cycle...
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