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Saturday, December 22, 2007
Well, that was quite a period of sustained silence, wasn't it?

Things have been a little hectic since I left my job and started a new one, I also had to give my laptop back to my old employer (I did try to hang on to it!) and it was the only working machine we had in the house. This is why you are seeing no updates on here.

I'll wait for the sales and then buy a new laptop for home, Tesco is looking like the supplier of choice at the moment.

The new job is proving to be a challenge; I'm enjoying it (mostly) but I'm frustrated that the most "broken" things are managed by other people and I can't do anything about them. I heard a good term on the radio yesterday: "Blame Storm", I can sense one coming after Christmas but I should be OK as I am a believer in making sure that my shit is in order when everyone Else's shit is fan-ward bound.

Right now it's 8pm on a Saturday night and I am 1 hour into a 12hr nightshift, working nights (and for 12 hours at a time) is not something I'll be doing often but needs must.

You might have seen on the news that the major railway routes are shutting for "engineering works" for a week starting tonight, this is why I am working alone in a drafty stores building which is currently 2 degrees above freezing inside and plummeting. The block starts at 2am and I'm not hopeful of things (or anything, actually) running like clockwork

Still, I am equipped with Pot Noodle, more fleeces than a Welsh Farmer and a Massive Attack CD... I'll be OK.
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