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Monday, September 25, 2006
I'm really very tired right now.

Last night was OK, I started my shift at 5.30pm but we didn't leave the depot until gone 7pm. Our route was into London in an articulated lorry where we spent most of the night making deliveries to the various Pret coffee/sandwich places. I couldn't do the driving (obviously) so my job was helping to get the deliveries from lorry to (empty) shop and make sure anything cold was packed in a fridge at the shop and anything frozen went in the freezer.

One of the good points about delivering to Pret is that there are so many stores that they aren't far away from each other, at around midnight we parked at Liverpool St Station and made deliveries to three stores without moving the lorry.

We finished our last delivery in London at exactly 1am, we got back to the depot at 3am and I was home at 3.30am. I got to sleep just after 4am and was up again getting ready for the day job at 6.15am.

My arms hurt, my shoulders hurt and my legs hurt. I'm also so tired that I feel slightly drunk (but not in a good way) and I've drunk too much coffee this morning.

The plus point is that this weekend I have worked more than 20 hours and the cash from that will be most welcome.
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