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Wednesday, August 30, 2006
I've got this urge to load my bike on (or in) the car and head to London for a look around.

I figure that if I went on a Sunday there would be no congestion charge and you can (normally) park for free on the streets if you're lucky. I could take lunch and a flask of coffee and have a good cycle around the streets followed by lunch in one of the parks and maybe a quick look at the dinosaurs in the museum (also free).

A decent day out which should only cost the value of diesel to get there and back* with the added bonus of shedding some excess lard.

Anyone else fancy coming along?

* Actually that might add up to a significant amount. I think I made a mistake with this car, it's all good apart from the dire fuel consumption; I have to work hard to get 35mpg which is pretty shocking for a diesel engine!
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