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Thursday, August 31, 2006
I signed on at an agency this afternoon in the hope that I can pick up some work at the weekends.

That's the trouble with my job; it's nice to have a salary and a car and stuff, but there is no opportunity to earn a bit extra when you need it. I used to work overtime and get paid for it, now I'm a "manager" I work overtime and don't get paid for it!

So, rather than moaning about not having any spare cash, I'm doing something about it! The agency specialises in driving work and I think I might well end up doing some multi-drop work in a van or 7.5 ton truck. They say they get lots of work for weekends, I told them that I don't mind early starts and I'm not afraid to drive in London... Weekend shifts normally start between 3am and 6am!!

This could be interesting... If I wasn't trying to loose weight I'd buy myself a Yorkie in preparation!
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