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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

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Old car went back to the lease company yesterday with slightly over 100,000 miles on the clock, new one arrived with about 70 miles on the clock.

My first impressions of it are excellent, it's a really clever design which gives loads of space inside without having a massive vehicle. There is plenty of room to sit three people in the front and three in the back, leaving a decent sized boot too.

I'm glad I ordered a few extras to go on it, the big alloys are pretty sexy, leather seats are nice and the Sat Nav just blows my mind. I've not driven a car with Sat Nav before and I find it fascinating, even if it's not directing you it's interesting to see your progress on a map which you can zoom right in or right out to see most of Europe. It comes loaded with info too, so you can use the touch screen to select the nearest Hospital, Restaurant or Bank etc. I took a drive at lunchtime and checked out the nearest "Historical Monument", it took me right to the door of Lichfield Cathedral.

Sat Nav screen also doubles up as a touch screen control for the audio system, that's pretty cool. I've yet to try the DVD player or the wireless headphones that come with it, should be good for killing time while waiting for Clare to finish shopping though...
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