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Wednesday, January 18, 2006
I've ordered a new phone, this might not be a big thing to you with your fancy schmancy upgrades but mine is a work phone and it gets replaced only when it doesn't work.

To say my 6310i doesn't work is probably an overstatement, it switches off occasionally and has started getting tempremental on the hands free kit, it's also got much quieter (unless I'm going deaf).

It's served me well though; it says I have been chatting away for 830 hours, that's.... about 5 weeks solid nattering? It's been dropped loads of times on all surfaces, it's been wet, cold and hot and it hasn't been switched off (intentionally) since I've had it. That's technology I like; it does what it should (make and receive calls) the battery lasts for days on end and it doesn't go wrong.

Replacement phone will be a 6230i with lots of features I don't really need, having a camera is something I'm looking forward to though.
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