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Saturday, January 07, 2006
If you were in my house a couple of hours ago you would have heard a huge sigh of relief coming from my direction. After many months I've finally managed to fix the other laptop (HP Omnibook) . This is a good thing because it means that I don't have to use my work laptop for all my non-work type activities.

The big problem I had with the HP laptop is that it became ultra slow when connected to the internet, so slow that the mouse pointer didn't move much and you could make a cup if tea in the time it took to switch between open windows.

There was all sorts of malware crap that had to go, that didn't fix it. I reinstalled XP and that didn't do it either (although it made general operation a bit quicker). In the end I installed new DSL modem drivers and switched Zonealarm off and it's working fine now.

I'm sure it'll be short lived though, the screen won't display any red unless the angle of the lid is just right, gets a bit better when it's warmed up though. I also need to get myself a proper legit operating system as it's hard to keep this one up to date patch wise.

Anyway, I'm happy, I have Firefox and Chatzilla so I'm good to go (to the sofa).
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