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Friday, December 23, 2005
Sometimes I wish I lived somewhere with a little bit of life in it. Bicester is alright, it's good for all the sensible things in life like schools, transport links and shopping, but when 6pm comes entertainment is very limited. If you wanted to go for a beer you would be ok but that's not what I'm after, since I passed my driving test in September 1993 I've preferred to drive rather than drink*.

Now is a good example, it's gone 2am I'm wide awake and would quite like to go out for a change of scenery. Ideally I'd like to go somewhere dimly lit for a machiato and some stimulating conversation, maybe even a smoke if the mood was right. There is nothing within miles of here that would suit my needs, the only things open are the 24hr Tesco and the Cherwell Valley Services, both of these are full of people who aren't allowed out during daylight hours.

So, I'll be staying in tonight with the only the cats and Keith & The Girl for company.

* Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy a drink it's just not a necessary part of having a good time these days.
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