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Wednesday, December 07, 2005
So, David Cameron is the new leader of the Conservative Party and I think this is probably a good thing. I'm not a Tory voter but there are two things he has committed to that really endear him to me... actually, I may have misunderstood...

Anyhow; the two things are:

An end to "Punch and Judy" politics
Supporting the Government when they agree with their policy (i.e. not opposing for the sake of it)

These might actually be the same point but I hope that the "end of Punch and Judy" thing relates to PMQs. I listen to it when I can but I can't get through a whole session without being both angry and ashamed of the behaviour of the MPs in attendance, if you don't know what I mean then listen to it today. They are supposed to be representing us but it sounds like an unruly kids party.

The point about not opposing everything just because you are (or think you are) the opposition is also a good one. Some policies are correct and some aren't, if you oppose everything then you are just self serving and not looking out for the country.
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