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Sunday, December 18, 2005
It's been a really busy couple of weeks what with one thing and another, little time for anything but work and getting to and from work. I am officially on holiday until after Christmas now but I think it's just too busy to be completely free from work. This is a problem because, as the schools are off and Clare is working, it's my job to entertain a 5 year old all day and that's not easy when the phone is ringing all the time and the emails are flooding in.

I also need to finish an end of course project for OU course I'm doing, I've found it really hard to get enough free time (and motivation) to do enough study. The course is made up of three tests and the project, the tests are all done (80%, 90% and 80%) but the project is going to be hard as time is running out. I'm actually not too fussed about passing the course because it's the learning part that interests me, but it never hurts to have a certificate when you're job hunting (which I'm not).
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