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Friday, December 30, 2005
Both cats are at the vets today being Spayed, they probably won't like that much.

According to latest reports the op's have been done and they are both fine, but a bit wobbly. We can collect them later and I think they will be shut in a bedroom with all their stuff so that they can have some peace and quiet.

I wish I could do the same (peace and quiet, not be Spayed) as I'm feeling quite tired, the cats kept me awake last night because they couldn't eat after 9pm and I think they were vocalising their displeasure. Also, a while back they got collars with bells on that are supposed to give birds etc a fighting chance of not being eaten, what they really do is annoy me when they charge up and down the stairs all night.

I really should have gone to bed before 4am but I've been enjoying "me time"... alright, I do the washing-up while listening to Podcasts.
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