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Wednesday, November 23, 2005
I want to get a chest freezer, we've got space for it in the garage and there is power in there too*. I think it would be useful for taking advantage of all the cheap food that gets reduced late at night by the supermarkets, it would be good to stock up during more affluent times ready for those times when money is tight or you have a need to really save.

I'll keep my eye on Freecycle for one, it's the sort of thing that people give away because they are a pain to shift.

* The garage isn't attached to the house, it's in a block of two some distance away in a communal parking area, it has lights and power but I'm not convinced it's connected to our house. I keep meaning to switch our power off at the consumer unit and see if the power is still on in the garage, I can't see there being a feed to the garage from between the meter and the consumer unit. Free power could be useful, I could run some SWA cable back to the house and pay nothing for electricity...
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