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Saturday, November 26, 2005
Channel 4 have got themselves into trouble over the length and frequency of the ad breaks they screen during Lost. I've noticed recently that many of the channels on Sky have really gone over the top with the amount of adverts they screen, it's not unusual for me to have forgotten what I was watching before they return to the program.

I wonder if I have become less tolerant of adverts since listening to lots of Podcasts, it's not that the Podcasts don't have them it's just that it's easy to forward through them.

I wonder if the long ad breaks are designed to persuade people to sign up to Sky Plus so that they can record the shows and skip through the breaks. I'm not going that route but if I ever get round to building a new PC I'll make sure that it's a pretty good PVR and record what I want to see on it.
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