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Saturday, February 05, 2005
I can see the logic of adopting a Freegan lifestyle, or at least being an "occasional Freegan", there is so much waste that is needless.
There is a local food shop around here that is an express version of a large supermarket chain, it only sells food and drink and is open until 10pm each night. I happen to know that they throw out hundreds of pounds worth of food each evening (thousands of pounds each day of their first few weeks open), this food as all properly packaged and is for sale at full price at 9.55pm but in the bin by 10.15pm.

There is meat, fruit & vegetables and lots of packaged things like sandwiches as well as bread and milk. Many people could live off this each day for a very long time.

I'm quite tempted myself but I would need to get over the stigma of "eating out of a bin" (which is silly considering that it's just a plastic container filled with packaged food, it's not like our kitchen bin which has real waste in.) and get over feeling like a thief by taking it!

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